Welcome to our wholesale online store

We Manufacture, Export Hand made American Indian Style and Handicraft from Bali-Indonesia.

Welcome to our wholesale online store

We are a producer, retailer, wholesaler, exporter Indonesian handicrafts and American Indian style specialist based in Bali Indonesia.

DevinArt proudly carries the complete lines of American Indian Style Handicraft and Leather production, such as Leather Bag, Dreamcatcher, Warbonnet, Instrument, Necklace, Painting, Wall decoration and Accessories.

It's made by natural beautiful handmade stuff such as combination with feather, leather, sintetic fur, glass beads, ceramic or resin, coconut beads, wooden beads, bone, shell, stone, crochet and others. All hand crafted Indonesian artistic designs.

DevinArt-Craft.Com currently has hundreds of unique handicraft and jewelry products in our online catalog.

Contact us to get wholesale prices and more samples.
We will serve and welcome you.

Whatsapp/Ph : +62 813 3769 4999
Call : +62 813 3849 0886
Tlp/fax : +62 361 761486
email : info@devinart-craft.com

We look forward to hearing from you.

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We will serve and welcome you

Line Id : devinart-craft
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WhatsApp : +62 813 3769 4999
Tlp/Fax : +62 361 761 486

Email: info@devinart-craft.com